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Cultural Heritage


We are indeed privileged to be living in a country where every inch of ground bears witness to its culture and history. Besides the renowned historical sites - Athens, Delphi, Olympia and many others - there are monuments everywhere: ancient sanctuaries, chapels on seoalmost inaccessible mountain tops and at the bottom of the sea there are sunken ports, ships, works of art, plain amphorae and much more, in abundance. This is a unique privilege, which however creates a serious obligation for us to protect such a heritage.

The protection of cultural goods is not only a moral obligation. Cultural heritage also constitutes an asset in the literal sense of the word.


The MELINA MERCOURI FOUNDATION, adopting the fundamental ideas of the policy that Melina Mercouri planned and implemented when she was Minister of Culture, aspires to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of Greek culture in Greece and abroad.

Already during the first days of her term of office, Melina Mercouri, setting her priorities, decided to strongly support the project of conservation of the Acropolis monuments and at the same time she undertook the initiative for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles.


Acropolis Museum


The long awaited dream of a new museum for the Acropolis and a home for all the Parthenon marbles is finally being realized. Visitors are able to enjoy the treasures from the Acropolis, in one consolidated collection, in an environment worthy of their grandeur.



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